Cannaversum is a circular economy project. We distribute our organic hemp products to end consumers, distributors, associations and processing facilities all over the world. We donate a part of our profit to environmental organizations and NGO’s.

Part of our activities are profit-orientated, and the remainder is a non-profit platform to promote the versatility of the cannabis plant. Our non-profit activities are supported by a combination of low prices and selling some of our product lines as ‘not for profit’ products. 

Our business activities and low prices make it attractive for consumers and processing companies to switch to ecological sustainably produced products. Hemp products already contribute to climate- and environmental protection while providing a suitable alternative to everyday goods and lifestyle products. 

The cannabis plant offers countless opportunities which appear new but in fact have been used for tens of thousands of years in cultures worldwide. They are safe and sustainable and can be used in place of existing systems without significant modification or great expense. 

Conventionally produced materials make excessive use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizer in the cultivation of resources and use highly toxic substances as well as unfair labor conditions to create end products. For our company, the focus is on creating a market for fair trade, ethically produced and environmentally friendly hemp products. 

We contribute a part of our profits to reforestation projects, preservation of biodiversity, conservation of threatened natural areas and for re-cultivation of agricultural and forestry lands. 

We have confidence in the potential of the hemp plant, its soil improving qualities and its binding of atmospheric carbon dioxide that can lead to unexpected positive environmental benefits. We believe that the plant is a curative and easy to integrate alternative to common materials used today. We also believe that Hemp Products can fit seamlessly into everyday life. 

This environmentally friendly raw material will help consumers make choices that have a reduced environmental impact and, in turn, help maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystem. 

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